Junior Programs

2017-2018 update:

The Scarborough Winter Tennis Club is pleased to offer the following junior programs to all members and non-members alike (members will have priority). All juniors may register for group lessons and/or any of the various After School Tennis Programs offerings below.

Private tennis lessons at the Club are also available however to SWTC Club members only. Only certified tennis instructors authorized by the Club may give private lessons. For more information and to arrange for a private lesson, please e-mail the Club Pro Wes Lore at Wesleyllore@Gmail.com and/or the Junior Program Director/Coach Andy Yep at AndysTennis@Gmail.com.

Group Tennis Lesson:

All SWTC Junior Group Lessons are given by OTA certified tennis instructors/coaches. Each group will consist of 4-6 players (of equal skill level and/or age) taking a one-hour lesson per week. The lessons are run on Friday at 5:00 and 6:00 PM, and on Saturday mornings at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 AM. The cost for the lessons will vary depending on the number of weeks per session (prime time court costs are included).

Please click here for group lesson dates, pricing and registration form. Deadline is 5 days before each session start date.

After School Tennis Programs:

These are a group of programs geared for the ever-advancing junior tennis player. These programs will provide the junior with more playing time and help them practice and play more competitively in a safe and controlled environment, all under the watchful eye of a certified instructor/coach. There are 2 programs available:

  1. MATCH PLAY DAYS - 2 hours of tennis play/practice (age 8-14)
  2. COMPETITIVE MATCH PLAY DAYS - 2 hours of tennis drills/matches, plus 1 hour of fitness (age 12-17)

Please click here for more details, dates, pricing and registration form. Deadline is 3 days before each session start date.